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Various Software Solutions Used in Healthcare Industry

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records - The software enables hospitals to avoid wasting of money and time, thus, helps them to look after the patients. Our EMR software allows the physicians to perform with efficiency and manage their patient's medical information in an affordable way. It is meant to customized, improve quality and overall safety, optimize efficiency and minimize value. The integrated product includes practice management, electronic health records (EHR), patient portal and mobile application solution for hospitals, clinics, and nursing home of all sizes. HMS stands for Hospital Management System or Hospital Management Software - It helps the hospitals and clinics facilities to set focus on various day-to-day tasks related to patients and also help employees to organize the patient information. A hospital can use this system to handle inpatients, outpatients information, reception, billing, doctor's appointment, pharmacy, etc. The Hospital Manage

Aspects of a Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software  features various important characteristics that help in the proper management of everyday functions of a hospital. The application is designed in such a way that it manages the inpatients, outpatients, billings, patient medical history details, physicians’ information, and other various information such as the availability of doctors, billing procedure, payments, pharmacy, etc. In fact, the software looks after every part of hospital's activities in a better and affordable way. A versatile  Hospital Management Software  is responsible for handling all the aspects of a hospital and cover the entire areas such as front-desk reception, OPD, IPD, pathology lab, ward management, finance and accounts, billing, patient information details, pharmacy management, appointments, queue management, doctors scheduling chart and many other tasks. Key features of the system software: -> It maintains records of indoor and outdoor patients ->