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Advantages Of Hospital Information System In Hospitals


Today, there is a great need for controlling hospital management and its different processes in separate department within a hospital. As health care world is evolving rapidly, a viable health system that can automate the clinics, electronic medical records, administrative and inventory functions is required. This hospital management system should ensures that the appropriate information about patients and others can be shared easily with health professionals for providing better hospital services.

Hospitals can easily be managed and assisted via a hospital information system(HIS) which improves quality of patient care, cost reduction, operational effectiveness. In fact, HIS is a patient-centric platform, which has the functionality to handle various types of patients: in-patients, outpatients, accidents and emergencies,day care & referred patients

Out of several hospital information system, Electra HIS, offered by ACGIL,India is the best  hospital management system that smartly manages  all the hospital related stuffs reliably and efficiently. 

Components of Electra HIS includes:

1.Customized Hospital Management System
Hospital software is customizable and can fit to any type of hospital whether it small, medium sized or large one depending upon the daily number of patients visiting the hospital.

2.Help Desk, Patient Registration
This software uses as a platform where help desk for any assistance or any help regarding medical services and others.It involves the patient registration and fixing doctors appointment.

3.Admission, Discharge and Transfer
It maintain all the record about patients whether patient admission or their discharge or transfer.

4.Diagnosis & Physician Practice

After fixing the appointment and going through check up by doctors and physicians, all the information regarding their diagnosis, treatment are properly saved and stored at one place.

5.Ward Management

Go for managing wards and other option for hospital room management so that all the details about the ward rooms can be kept with latest update such as occupied bed, unoccupied bed and proper information or regular cleaning of ward rooms should be maintained.

6.Laboratory Management

It save all the information related to the management of the laboratory and all the details about the patients test and their results. It should be able to manage other laboratory related informations.

7.Pharmacy Management

It manages all the pharmacy related details such as which medicines are available in inventory and ensuring that all other life saving drugs should be maintained with adequate number.

8.Inventory Management
Managing all the informations related to the inventory of materials required in hospital whether medical tools and devices, patient care equipments and others.


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